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MANIFESTO: The Diaghilev Project is a collage-theatre piece conceived and created by Greek director Nadia Foskolou and American playwright Nathan Wright. MANIFESTO is part docu-theatre, part dance-concert, part electro-pop light show, and finally, part play. Taking cues from contemporary theatre artists like Charles Mee and Anna Deavere Smith, the piece uses historical documents, archived correspondence, period music, and electro-pop compositions along-side Wright’s original playwriting to explore the life and work of Sergei Diaghilev.

Sergei “Serge” Pavlovich Diaghilev (1872-1929) was one of the most significant and oft controversial figures of the early 20th Century. He founded and led the Ballet Russe, an itinerant ballet company, which provided a platform and launch-pad for such avant-garde icons as Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky, Henri Matisse, Jean Cocteau, Coco Chanel, and dance phenome Vaslav Nijinsky.

MANIFESTO: The Diaghilev Project will have its first developmental presentations in New York City at The Robert Moss Theater July 24-28, 2018. Directed by Foskolou, written by Wright and starring Marc Sinoway as Diaghilev, the piece will be performed by 9 actor-dancers playing over 40 different roles with live music by classical pianist and experimental composer, Dustin Gledhill and choreography by Brad Landers.  This production is an Equity Approved Showcase.